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Are Britain’s political leaders drunk with lockdown power?

As Britain’s politicians and bureaucrats (don’t kid yourself bureaucrats are a big part of the problem) push for more stringent lockdowns in that country during the second COVID wave, people are pushing back.

After a nurse, Louise Hampton, 37, received an award from the National Health Services (NHS) for her hard work during the initial COVID-1984 lockdown, she took to Facebook colourfully stating that the award was a complete joke because she and her fellow nurses basically did nothing during the first lockdown. The video had over one million views before Facebook censored it and pulled it down.

Of course, when her NHS bosses found out about the video, they began to move in on Louise, but she quit before they could fire her. She has since posted a second Facebook video showing how empty two hospitals actually are during the second wave. It had over 30,000 views before Facebook censored it.

The Daily Mail explains:

Now, in a new video, the former NHS worker has filmed herself going to NHS A&E departments in London, claiming that they are empty on a Friday night because people are ‘afraid to go to hospitals’.  […]

‘When I made the video, I was genuinely furious that I’d been awarded this certificate for doing bugger all. 

‘Not just me – but all those other NHS workers, many of whom had been sitting around twiddling their thumbs and making TikTok dance videos since March. 

‘They certainly didn’t deserve any kind of award – and nor did I. 

‘Those first four months of the “so-called pandemic” were the quietest I’d ever known.’

She added:

‘Flu statistics are showing that flu has almost disappeared. 

‘It seems to me like they’ve just rebranded the flu, calling it Covid 19.

Predictably, a spokesperson for NHS stated her video of empty hospitals was materially wrong.

READ: NHS call handler who quit claiming she did ‘f*** all’ during the pandemic’ and ‘it’s a load of b*****ks’ claims the government has just ‘rebranded the flu’ as she films ’empty’ A&E in London

But her claims that the flu is simply being rebranded as COVID sounds oddly familiar. READ: Johns Hopkins retracts report finding COVID death count ‘not alarming’

Laurence Fox, British actor turned politician, tweeted his feelings about the second lockdowns being implemented in Britain:

Meanwhile, Britain’s overlords are warning, that despite the arrival of a vaccine, Britain’s lockdowns could extend to next summer. READ: Ministers warn it could be SUMMER before UK gets back to normal as Boris Johnson faces revolt by up to 100 Tory MPs over brutal new tiers – with more evidence cases are ALREADY tumbling

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