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Non-covid deaths surged between March and May

According to an analysis of data from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the number of non-covid deaths in 2020 rose dramatically between March and May 2020 compared to the same time last year. Of course, this was the height of the COVID-1984 lockdowns in the US.

News Medical reports:

March through May saw a significant increase in deaths over previous years – and not just from COVID-19, says a new study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

When deaths attributed to COVID-19 were removed from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention totals, the death rate in several demographics outpaced the same period in 2019, the study found. The timeframe represents the first three months of response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. […]

“Is it because people are neglecting routine medical exams? Are they delaying treatment for other conditions, such as cancer or heart disease? Are mental health issues going unaddressed? Information about the causes of death in different age groups would be very useful, because then we can look at the appropriate countermeasures to reduce preventable deaths,” Jacobson said.

READ: Study: Non-COVID-19 deaths significantly increased from March through May 2020

Along this line, there is a disturbing story in Britain of how a 54-year-old man died of lung cancer, because he was unable to see his doctor during the COVID-1984 lockdown.

The Daily Mail writes:

A ‘workaholic’ businessman whose lung cancer was missed because he was unable to see his GP during the first coronavirus lockdown has died. 


Andy Steels tested negative on two occasions for Covid-19, despite developing a chesty cough around the same time the pandemic was taking its grip on the UK. 

However, his true diagnosis only came to light when it was too late.

Mr Steels, a father and grandfather, died the day after his 54th birthday, just six weeks after his diagnosis.  

The Daily Mail added that upwards of 50,000 people were not diagnosed with cancer because of the lockdowns:

Charities say as many as 50,000 people have missed a cancer diagnosis as a result of the Covid crisis. 

READ: ‘Workaholic’ businessman, 54, dies after lung cancer was missed because he was unable to see his GP during the first coronavirus lockdown

Many have argued that the lockdown cure is causing more harm than the virus it is supposed to be fighting. Though the University of Illinois study did not focus on the negative impact of the lockdowns, there have been several reports of how lockdowns are resulting in delayed medical services resulting in people dying on waiting lists. READ: 50,000 Children’s Surgeries Postponed, Deaths on Transplant Waiting List Near-Doubled Due to Lockdown: Report

In addition, there has been a dramatic increase in deaths from drug overdoses and suicides directly blamed on the lockdowns:

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READ: COVID-19-related mental health disorders will cause increased suicides, drug overdoses: researchers warn

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