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Another voting glitch in Michigan favors Democrats

We had previously reported on an alleged computer glitch in Michigan that changed Trump votes to Biden in a county considered a Republican stronghold. When Biden was announced as the winner in Antrim County, an election’s clerk became suspicious because there had been such a dramatic change from the 2016 vote. A manual review revealed that Trump had in fact won. READ: Michigan GOP Says 6,000 Votes In One County Switched by Software Glitch From Trump to Biden; 47 More Counties Used Same Software

Now there is a report of a second technical glitch in Michigan that again went in the Democrat’s favour. This one looks like it may have been a genuine mistake and was caught as the results were reviewed by election officials.

The Daily Wire reports:

An incumbent Republican in Michigan went from losing his reelection race to winning it after officials discovered a “technical glitch” by which the results from seven precincts had been counted twice. Officials responded to the error by urging voters to have confidence in the system.

“Adam Kochenderfer, R-Rochester Hills, went to bed Tuesday night believing, with all precincts reporting, he had lost his seat on the 21-member Board of Commissioners to Democratic challenger Melanie Hartman by 104 votes — 19,448 to 19,344,” The Detroit News reported. “But there was a problem: According to Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown, the total from seven precincts in the city had been reported twice.”

READ: Republican In Michigan Goes From Loser To Winner After ‘Technical Glitch’ Fixed. Officials Urge ‘Confidence’

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