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Do millennials love tyrants?

According to a study conducted by a group out of Britain’s University of Cambridge, millennials, those born between 1980 and the 1996, are increasingly becoming dissatisfied with democracy.

Of course, democracy is not perfect, because people aren’t perfect. However, it is a much better than the alternative – dictatorships. Thankfully, only 40% of millennials hold this opinion.

But, what is equally disturbing is that this study showed that millennials are judging people as being morally wrong based on their politics. They are being judged as evil. This is developing a huge polarization in society, because people are no longer allowed to agree to disagree.

It is also fundamentally an attack on free speech, and a poll from 2019 reveals that the majority of millennials (51%) are opposed to free speech. Meaning you shouldn’t have the right to hold an opinion different from theirs. READ: The Majority of Millennials Don’t Believe in Free Speech

Study Finds reports:

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom — No matter what country you’re in, you’ll usually see young people leading the way at political rallies. While it may seem like their enthusiasm in the democratic process is high, a new report finds most millennials are losing faith in democracy. When it comes to global politics, researchers says the millennial generation is the most disillusioned group in memory and their dissatisfaction is only getting worse as they age.

The Centre for the Future of Democracy at the University of Cambridge reveals 18- to 34-year-olds in nearly every democratic nation show the steepest declines in satisfaction with democracy. Equally troubling, millennials in advanced democracies seem to be fueling the political divide in many countries.

Researchers find young adults are the most likely group to think people with opposing viewpoints are morally flawed. Among western democracies, over 40 percent of millennials say you can “tell if a person is good or bad if you know their politics.”

READ: Millennials and democracy: Young adults are the most disillusioned generation ‘in living memory’

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  1. To me this was the most alarming thing about the Brexit vote – that almost fifty percent of the population, mostly those under 45 thought democracy didn’t matter. But then that generation had never lived under democracy as the EU is taxation without representation, and no doubt thought all the good things were the result of the EU. The older generation knew that those good things all existed before the EU but under it are all in decline.


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