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Nearly 1,000 people water baptized on California beach

Nearly 1,000 people were water baptized at California beach on Sept. 12, 2020
Credit: Calvary Chapel Church

Despite the oppression that is taking place in California as politicians threaten churches and their leaders with fines and even imprisonment if they hold indoor services during the lock down, some believe the Holy Spirit is beginning to move in the state.

CBN explains:

One California church is rejoicing over the record number of baptisms that took place on September 12. 

Calvary Chapel Church in Chino Hills held the outdoor baptism at Corona Del Mar State Beach in Newport Beach where nearly 1,000 people were born again.

Church Director Gina Gleason told CBN News that “California may be experiencing a spiritual revival.” She explained that the typical number of candidates for baptism is 300 but Saturday saw over three times that. 

READ: California Church Celebrates Nearly 1,000 People Baptized on Beach During ‘Spiritual Revival’

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  1. garry jones says

    Praise the Lord that the Lord’s work is being done! Thank you Lord and we pray for an expansion of your salvation work and that no human mandate will prevent the Inalienable, Constitutional right of Free Worship

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