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Study: Herd immunity possible, Sweden was right

While many are talking about a second COVID wave, Sweden’s COVID numbers are in an absolute free fall. Why? Because Sweden never issued a lock down and decided that the best approach to fighting the Coronavirus was letting people catch the disease and build up an immunity. It is commonly referred to as a herd immunity.

Some medical experts claimed Sweden made a mistake because long term immunity wasn’t possible with the Coronavirus. However, a new study says it is. Sweden is right. Herd immunity is possible.

The Blaze reports:

Business Insider reported that some scientists believe the benefits of long-term immunity against the coronavirus will be beneficial to reducing the contagion of the coronavirus.

Initial research indicated that antibodies in COVID-19 patients could fade within months of infection — but new research from medical journal Cell says white blood cells — which help fight infections — have a “muscle memory” and could return to fight off second infections.

In particular, memory T cells — effector cells that help identify and eradicate infectious cells and relay information to B cells about how to fight the pathogen upon each subsequent infection — are instrumental in maintaining a balanced and healthy immune system and remain in the system for years after initial infection.

READ: New research suggests herd immunity for coronavirus just might be possible: Memory T cells could lead fight against infections

For weeks, Sweden was the mainstream media’s favourite whipping boy because it wasn’t locking down like everyone else. Today, you barely hear a peep about the country. READ: After months of condemnation for no lockdown, Sweden’s COVID deaths drop to near-zero

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This study on the incredible workings of our body’s defence system is also a testament to God’s incredible creation:

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well. (Psalm 139:14 NIV)

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