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Pennsylvania car show defies the state’s lock down orders

After Pennsylvania’s Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf walked with thousands of demonstrators on June 3, protesting the death of George Floyd, a car show decided to show its support for the Governor’s act of civil disobedience by going ahead with its annual local car show, Spring Carlisle.

Gov. Tom Wolf and the protestors were actually defying the state’s coronavirus lockdown order that disallows public gatherings exceeding 250 people.

The car show organizers were unbowed when the Pennsylvania health department went to court to stop the show that typically has of 100,000 visitors over the four-day event.

Following their Governor’s lead, organizers said they will continue with the car show, that started this past Wednesday. A court case on the matter is scheduled for Thursday morning (June 18, 2020).

Fox News writes:

Show organizers called the state’s coronavirus health order “invalid” and said they would “vigorously defend this action” to open their event in court.

“The event, called Spring Carlisle, started Wednesday and is scheduled to go through Saturday. But the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) sued Carlisle Events, the organization putting on “one of the largest automotive flea markets in the world and one of the best opportunities to get your hands on all things automotive,” early Wednesday morning. It said that the group had ignored multiple warnings from the state to not continue with Spring Carlisle after earlier this month it asked for a waiver exempting it from the 250-person limit.”

READ: Pennsylvania car show dares government to shut it down over coronavirus rules

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