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Massachusetts’ study reveals COVID-19 is more wide spread than previously thought — more good news

A small study conducted by Mass General hospital in Chelsea, MA, discovered that a third of the people tested showed antibodies for COVID-19. This meant they once had the virus, and successfully fought it off.

Believe it or not this is actually good news, because it indicates the virus is not as dangerous as many believe.

About 80% of the people who come down with COVID-19 show minimal or no symptoms meaning they didn’t get sick enough to seek medical attention. In fact, testing on the US aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, found that 60% of the crew members who showed positive for virus had no symptoms at all — in other words they did not even get sick. READ: 60% of coronavirus-infected sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt showed no symptoms

In the Mass General study, medical staff took to a street of Chelsea where 200 people volunteered samples of blood that were quickly tested for antibodies. They found that 64 (30%) tested positive for the virus antibodies. This meant they had the disease at one time, but most showed no symptoms of the virus. A few said they had at least one symptom, but were not sick enough to require medical attention.

As of April 19th, Massachusetts had 34,400 confirmed cases of COVID-19 of which 1,400 died. This reflects a disturbing death rate of 4%. But this involves only the testing of people who were sick enough to require medical attention.

Should the results of the Mass. General study hold true for the rest of Massachusetts’ 6.9 million citizens, this means that about 2 million people have already come down with COVID-19 and that puts the death rate at around 0007% instead of 4%.

But the sample size is very small and certainly subject to error. More testing of the broader population needs to be done to get an accurate picture of how many people in the state have come down with the virus.

Nevertheless, this study confirms what similar studies around the world are showing that more people have the virus than previously thought. This means the high percentage death rates for COVID-19 used to justify the lockdowns, in many instances, are exaggerated.

READ: One third of participants in Massachusetts study tested positive for antibodies linked to coronavirus

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