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Despite record CO2 levels in March, there has been no global warming for nearly 19 years

Did you know plants grow better with higher concentrations of CO2? Photo Snapstermax/iwoman/CC BY-SA

Did you know plants grow better with higher concentrations of CO2? Photo Snapstermax/iwoman/CC BY-SA

[by Dean Smith] Since May 1974, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been tracking CO2 concentrations in the earth’s atmosphere.

In a recent release, NOAA announced that the month of March of this year had the highest level of CO2 in the atmosphere of any month since the organization started tracking CO2 concentrations. It uses 40 sites to record CO2 levels. Computers then calculate the global average using these measurements.

For all 31 days of March, NOAA recorded CO2 levels of 400 parts per million.

However, this finding is not good news for those pushing the man-made global warming agenda because of greenhouse gas. The reason: for the 18th year, fifth month in a row, global warming temperatures have not risen as measured by the Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) on satellites.

There has essentially been no global warming since December 1996, shortly after the man-made global warming machine started publishing dire warnings of a world catastrophe if we did not reign in CO2 emissions.

This is a bit unusual because with the el Nino in effect this year, it was expected to break global warming temperatures out of their hibernation as an el Nino tends to bring warmer winters in the Northern Hemisphere. But it didn’t and even if it had, el Ninos have been going on for centuries and have nothing to do with CO2 emissions.

So why have global warming temperatures flat lined despite record amounts of CO2 emissions being poured into the atmosphere? The reason is obvious. CO2 does not affect climate like some claim.

In 1990, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — the organization leading the war on CO2 — was predicting temperatures would be 4.8 degree higher by the year 2100. Simply put they were wrong and it isn’t happening. In fact in 2005, IPCC readjusted their mid range predictions down because of this, but even this prediction is clearly now out to lunch.

The world has simply stopped warming, but still the war on CO2 emissions continues.

The world’s atmosphere is made up of 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, .93% argon and .039% CO2 (it hit .04% in March). But realize these CO2 numbers will drop as the northern hemisphere enters summer, plants spring to life and begin consuming CO2.

What most people don’t realize is that many greenhouses increase the amount of CO2 in their atmospheres because of the profound impact it has on plant growth. Not only do higher CO2 emissions make the plants grow quicker, but it makes them more resistant to disease.

A study by Rutgers University showed that by simply increasing CO2 emissions in a greenhouse’s atmosphere, they were able to get Romaine lettuce ready for market in 48 days compared to its normal 62 day outdoor cycle and the crop was incredibly 33% larger.

So what are the ideal CO2 concentrations for plant growth?  Well depending on the plant, between 700 to 1500 parts per million, compared to the average 400 ppm we have today.

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  1. Thank you Dean. I think these videos are quite good 🙂

    > Carbon dioxide less than 0,04% They planned it in 1961 <


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