Month: June 2014

Case of demon-possession in Mexico due to a Ouija Board?

In February, I reported on a case of demon possession that affected the Ammons family in Gary, Indiana. There were a number of significant manifestations (including walking up a wall and ceiling backwards) seen by police officers, medical professionals and welfare officials. There has recently been another incidence of possession reported in Mexico. Though not as documented as the earlier case, the three people involved experienced many of the same manifestations as the family affected in Gary, Indiana including growling. Three Americans, Alexandra Huerta, 22, and her brother Sergio, 23, and their cousin Fernando Cuevas, 18, were playing on a Ouija board in a home in the village of San Juan Tiacotenco in southern Mexico. Advertisements

Record number of youth addicted to Marijuana due to a significant increase in its potency

Newly released stats by Public Health England show that there are 13,500 youth under the age of 18 in that country being treated for Marijuana addiction. This includes 200 under the age of 12. This represents a 50% increase in addiction among this age group over the past seven years. Experts are attributing this rise to the arrival of a new “super-strength” Marijuana which is several times stronger than older varieties.

Spiritual and now health benefits to fasting

Researchers from the Intermountain Heart Institute in Murray, Utah have concluded there are health benefits to fasting. In particular, they pointed to its benefits with those struggling with diabetes. The researchers said an occasional one-day, water-only fast, can help those in a pre-diabetic stage. This is the stage where people have high glucose or sugar levels, but not high enough to be considered diabetic. They stated by occasionally fasting a person can lower their glucose levels. It should not surprise us an important spiritual activity comes with a physical benefit.

Square salt cubes forming on the shores of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, referred to as the Sea of Arabah in the Bible, is located on Israel’s western edge bordering Jordan and Palestine. It is popular with tourists because of the water’s buoyancy due to a high concentration of salt. In this video, a group of unnamed people stumble upon cubed-shaped salt formations on the shore of the Dead Sea. Most varieties of salt naturally form into cube-shaped crystals. Though crystals are found on the shores of the Dead Sea, perfectly shaped cubes with straight lines and right angles are rare.

Government union wants managers fired because they support ‘Duck Dynasty’

Two senior managers (both civilians) at the Elgin Air Force Base in Florida are in trouble with a local government union because of decals on their personal vehicles that read: Ducky Dynasty: I Support Phil. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) which represents some government workers at the base wants the two senior managers fired or at the very least demoted because of their support for Phil.

What the Bible says really ended the dinosaur era… and no, it wasn’t the flood

One of the beliefs of evolution is that dinosaurs evolved into birds. There is a reason evolutionists went down this road and its based on a little known fact about dinosaurs — and oddly it’s one that supports the Biblical record on what ended the dinosaur era. The paleontological record shows that dinosaurs started shrinking in size. This was the conclusion of a study by a group of scientists from Oxford University.

Give Me All Your Money

There is one common criticism of all Christian churches; “They just want my …” and I don’t need to finish the sentence. We all know. Instead of defending something wrong, we should admit that there are serious problems with money management, everywhere. Religious groups beg and most people don’t want to give. Jim and Tammy Bakker took money for their PTL ministry and spent it on an amusement park and an air-conditioned dog house. Oral Roberts said ‘send me a million dollars or God will take me home’ and he was paid by the owner of a dog racing park. We are all infected with wrong thinking about money. The best of us earn and save, and spend carefully, and the rest miss at least one of those points “earn – save – spend.” The formula is simple and it applies to everyone, you, me, and church leaders. It is simple, and it is fundamentally wrong.

Swiss study shows fathers are important to a child’s church attendance

In England, the feminist message is fully embraced in the Church of England where separate offices have been set up for feminist theologians. The church’s liturgy has been emasculated changing references to God from Father to mother. The Bible is being rewritten to engender sexual neutrality. The fruit of this transformation is showing up in church statistics. The ratio of men to women in the Church of England has sunk from 45% men and 55% women prior to 1990 to 37% men and 63% women today. At the same time, attendance in the Church of England is in a steady decline. But if a study done in Switzerland is any indication, this feminist influence in Liberal churches may be one of the reasons why church attendance is in a downward spiral. Women have important roles to play in the church ranging from the prophetic (not just the gift of prophecy) to teaching. There is plenty of room for women in ministry, but women’s roles should not be achieved by demeaning fatherhood. God created men to …

How the spiritual realm interacts with our physical world

Español: Cómo interactúa el reino espiritual con nuestro mundo físico I was mowing the lawn in our backyard, when a memory popped into my mind of a stupid thing I had done years earlier. I had previously asked God to forgive me, but here it was alive and well condemning me. Where do these thoughts come from? For a clearer insight, we need to study an incident that occurred along the banks of the Tigris River in the ancient realm of Persia around 600 BC. How the spiritual world interacts with the physical world The book of Daniel provides a captivating insight on the interaction between the spiritual and physical realm. In chapter 10, an Angel of God was dispatched to Daniel in response to a prayer he had made in verses 1 – 3. When the angel arrived, Daniel along with some other Israelis was relaxing along the banks of the Tigris river. The angelic visit sparked a vision through which Daniel physically saw God’s messenger. During such visions, I believe God pulls back the …

When did “I am offended” become a “hate crime?”

In late May, a Baptist church in Nuneaton, Norfolk, England was brought before the police because of a sign that read: If you think there is no God you’d better be right!! There were flames underneath the words. When 20-year-old Robert Gladwin walked by Attleborough Baptist Church, he was offended by the message that non-Christians would go to hell, so he called the police.

She believed and God healed her of breast cancer

Vasiliy Voytovich is President of Evangel Theological Seminary (ETS) in Kiev, Ukraine. At the 11th Annual World Christians Doctors conference held May 9-10, 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria Vasiliy shared his testimony of how God healed his wife, Lyubov, of breast cancer. In 1955, Vasiliy and his wife were living in the town of Stebnic, in the western Ukraine, when his wife then 32 noticed  a lump in her left breast after experiencing pain. She went to the doctor who diagnosed Lyubov with breast cancer and immediately started her on chemotherapy. The family was devastated. Shortly after the start of treatment, God prompted Vasiliy to pray for his wife’s complete healing. He gathered his three children together to pray. His wife was so distraught that she was unable to join them in prayer.

Smoking Marijuana as a teen can negatively affect intelligence for life: Report

As the perception strengthens that marijuana is a safe drug, there have been a rash of studies suggesting cannibis is anything but safe, particularly for teens as their brains are still developing. Researchers at the US-based National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) just released a report stating marijuana usage not only effects a teen’s brain function, particularly in the important areas of “critical thinking” and memory, but that the affects are long-lasting. Translated: these effects do not reverse even if the person quits using the drug later in life.

Flying under the radar, Brian Meiss steps up for his God appointment and stops further bloodshed

[UPDATED June 10, 2014 includes Brian Meiss’ statement] Rebekah Ogimachi described her classmate as a “kind of under the radar” type of guy. But Pacific University student Brian Meiss, 22, was dramatically thrust into the limelight when he disarmed a gunman who had already shot and killed one student on campus and injured several others (one critically). The university is located in Seattle, Washington USA. Brian who is getting married this summer is studying engineering. Friends describe him as a “devout” Christian. On the afternoon of Thursday, June 5, 2014, a gunman entered Otto Miller Hall where Brian, who was working as a monitor, was sitting at a desk in the foyer. After emptying his gun, the suspect Aaron R. Ybarra started to reload. Brian moved in, pepper sprayed the man, tackled Ybarra holding him in a choke hold. 

2014 Miss USA contestant conceived through rape

“I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; “(Psalms 139:14a NASV) When God inspired  King David to write this verse, there was no asterisk or conditions attached. God said each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made. It doesn’t matter what our family life was like. It doesn’t matter if you were born out-of-wedlock or conceived by rape, your circumstances do not decide your value. All of us are full of potential. Therefore, it should not surprise us that the 2014 Miss Pennsylvania winner, Valerie Gatto, told the world she was conceived as a result of her mother’s rape. Ms Gatto, 24, will be participating in the Miss USA competition to be held on Sunday, June 8, 2014.

Characteristics of an intercessor: Persistence more important than friendship

Why doesn’t God answer my prayer? This question plagues many Christians. We pray and not only are there no answers, we wonder if God even heard us. When we look at the Gospels, we read a number of parables Jesus used to teach on prayer. I want to specifically look at one of them and draw out a key principle to successful prayer. The account is found in Luke 11:5-13. This parable– following on the heels of Jesus’ teaching on the Lord’s prayer –is about a man who unexpectedly had visitors show up at his home late at night. Without food to offer them, the man pops next door to a friend’s place to borrow some bread.

Is forgetting tied to forgiveness? A study suggests it is.

I remember years ago getting flashbacks. I would be doing a particular activity when suddenly an incident that had happened decades earlier would replay in my mind. I had three incidents in particular that seemed to plague me. I finally asked the Holy Spirit why I had these memories. There were thousands of things that happened to me growing up that I couldn’t remember even if someone paid me money, yet there were three I couldn’t forget.

Are the lies about divorce leading to divorce?

In her book, The Good News About Marriage, author Shaunti Feldhahn reveals some interesting stats she uncovered about marriage and divorce that counter the perception most marriages are doomed to fail. Feldhahn says this type of information is important because she believes most marriages fail because people are convinced divorce is not only inevitable, but almost expected. She says there is a culture of “futility” about marriage and this causes people to not fight through hard times that invariably come in a marriage.

Are US latinos leaving the Catholic church for Evangelical ones?

A poll conducted by Pew Research Center in 2013 showed an increasing number of U.S. Hispanics are leaving the Roman Catholic Church and going to either protestant or independent churches. In its 2013, survey Pew found that 55% of Hispanics identified themselves as Catholic. There are about 35.4 million Latinos in the US and 19.6 million consider themselves as Catholic. However, that is a dramatic drop from the 67% who identified themselves as Catholic in a similar 2010 Pew Survey.