Could the next American President be a Christian from Calgary, Alberta, Canada?

Ted Cruz says Jesus changed his family's life. Photo: Gage Skidmore / Foter/ CC by-Sa

Ted Cruz tells how as a three year old boy, Jesus rescued his family. Photo: Gage Skidmore / Foter/ CC by-Sa

I was reading a post on about Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. According to reports, there is a 90% chance he will seek the Republican nomination for President. Of course, this doesn’t mean he will win the Republican nomination and if he does that he will win the American presidency in elections scheduled for 2016.

But he is definitely a Christian and the NBC article focused on some statements Cruz recently made at a Value Voters Summit in Washington D.C. Throughout his career, Cruz has been forthright about his Christian faith.

In a rare move, Cruz spoke about his troubled life because of the alcoholic lifestyle of both his parents. In his speech, Ted said that faith in Christ rescued his family.

When he was three years old, his father abandoned the family. Cruz said: (more…)

It’s turtles all the way down

Photo: Amdreas / Foter/ CC by-SA

So what does your world view sit on?  Photo: Amdreas / Foter/ CC by-SA

According to a 2006 national poll, 42% of Americans have faith – genuine, and heartfelt faith – in the theory that the truth about the 9/11 terrorist attacks has not been told. A large number of these believe the attacks were somehow orchestrated by George Bush, or at least by shadowy elements in the U.S. government.

The “9/11 truth” movement has all of the elements of a cult-like belief system. It employs the reverse scientific method whereby one starts with the theory, and then cherry-picks the evidence to fit that theory. Members of the cult drink from the same well, and limit their exposure to mainstream thought.

I won’t go into a lengthy description of all of the shortcomings of the argument. Others, particularly Popular Mechanics in its Debunking the 9/11 Myths: A Special Report, have already done so ably and well. (more…)

Why is the Christian population exploding in Iran?

Iranian woman being warned about her inappropriate clothing Photo: Farshad Ebrahimi | Foter | cc-by-saImage:

Iranian woman being warned about her inappropriate clothing Photo: Farshad Ebrahimi | Foter | cc-by-saImage:

Iran is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian, so why does the country have one of the fastest growing Christian populations in the world.

Elam Ministries recently announced the release of a new Bible translated into modern Persian, the language of Iran. In its news release, the organization stated that in 1979, there were an estimated 500 Christians in Iran. Today, Christians number in the hundreds of thousands in that country.

Speaking on behalf of Elam, David Yeghnazar said:

“A very conservative estimate puts the number of Christians in Iran at 100,000.  The generally-accepted estimate is 370,000. Some believe there are 700,000, some over a million.”


Survey reveals growing concern about religion’s declining influence in America

Are Americans increasing concerned about the changes happening Photo: Chicago Andrew Horne/Flickr/Wikipedia

Are Americans becoming increasing concerned about the changes taking place in their country? Photo: Chicago Andrew Horne/Flickr/Wikipedia

A recent survey by Pew Research Center shows that most Americans believe religion is losing its influence on the public stage including politics and that they are concerned because of this.

Pew has asked this question since 2001. That year, 51% of Americans believed religious influence was on the decline. In 2014, this number had jumped by nearly 25%. Today, 72% of Americans believe religious influence on public life is on the decline.

However, while they watch this decline of religious influence, a very different culture is forming and most Americans don’t like what they are seeing.

Increasingly, Americans are of the opinion the church should play a bigger role in politics and social issues. Pew said in its release, there is a “growing appetite for religion in politics.” (more…)

There is no good divorce, for children

Divorces are messy. Image: Quinn Anya/Foter/CC by SA

Divorces are messy. Image: Quinn Anya/Foter/CC by SA

A study led by Indiana University’s Dr. Jonathon Beckmeyer has concluded there is no such thing as a good divorce when looking at its impact on children.

The study disagrees with a widely held view that divorces where the parents have a friendly relationship are less damaging on children than those where the parents are in conflict. Studies have shown that divorce can have a negative impact on children leading to increased rates of drug use, behavioral problems at home and school and increased problems with depression and anxiety.

The study published in Family Relations, an academic journal, looked at the impact of divorce/separation on the children of 270 parents who divorced or separated between 1998 and 2004. Of the families studied, 31% classified the relationship with their ex as “co-operative,” 24% described it as “conflictual” and the rest (45%) described it as somewhere in the middle. (more…)

Bono, U2, Billy Graham and Faith

U2 in concert in 2009 Image: Wikipedia/SteBo

U2 in concert in 2009 Image: Wikipedia/SteBo

Few of us realize the full impact Billy Graham had on the Kingdom of God. When attending Bible college, I met two identical twin brothers who went to their knees and accepted Christ watching a Billy Graham crusade on TV. Both men are in the ministry. The former pastor of the church I attend was saved through Billy Graham.

Now reports are suggesting that Bono, the lead singer for the mega rock group U2, accepted Christ because of Billy Graham’s influence.

This conclusion is a result of a poem that Bono wrote for Billy Graham. It suggests that as teenager, Bono became a Christian as a direct result of Graham’s influence.

The poem on display at the Billy Graham Library reads: (more…)

So Many Wives, So Much Religion

Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City: Image Mag3737/Flickr

Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City: Image Mag3737/Flickr

The issue of Mormon plural marriage, or polygamy is a constant embarrassment to the Church of the Latter Day Saints. The LDS is the largest Mormon Church, based in Salt lake City, Utah.

Some smaller groups require at least three wives for a man who wants to achieve the highest level of priesthood. These groups have been accused of criminal abuse, and legal prosecutions in the U.S. and Canada are ongoing. The LDS wants the world to know they are not associated with fringe groups like the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints) who practice polygamy.

Outsiders might think any Mormon man can marry more than one woman at a time, but the majority LDS church has banned the practice since 1890. At that time the home region of Utah was permitted to become a state after the Mormons there banned polygamy. The Americans didn’t want the practice to become mainstream. (more…)

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