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Paga: The intercessor claims territory for God

A look at the different meanings of the Hebrew word 'Paga' which is translated intercessor.

An evolutionist comes clean on the impossibilty of evolution by stating we are alone

Because of the impossibility of evolution, we are alone: Image NASA | Wikipedia

Because of the impossibility of evolution, we are alone in the universe! Image NASA | Wikipedia

[by Dean Smith] Evolutionists want everyone to think that science is settled on evolution — that it is a hard, cold scientific fact. But it is actually just a theory on how life developed on earth and it’s not a very good one. The Bible is very clear that God alone created the heavens and earth and all life on our planet.

And at least one evolutionist has come clean on the impossible odds of evolution happening in a very odd way.

In a recent documentary called “Human Universe,” produced by England’s BBC, Professor Brian Cox said he does not believe in aliens or any other form of extra terrestrial life on other planets.

Why? (more…)

Houston Mayor withdraws subpoena of five city pastors

Mayor Annise Parker told Image Chanock Sanchez | Foter | CC By-NC-ND

Was Houston Mayor Annise Parker trying to bully pastors into silence? Photo Annise Parker:  Chanock Sanchez | Foter | CC By-NC-ND

[by Dean Smith] Houston Mayor Annise Parker said today she has told the City’s Attorney David Feldman to withdraw Houston’s subpoena of the speeches, emails, notes and texts of five city pastors related to homosexuality, gender identity and Houston Mayor Annise Parker — the city’s first openly lesbian mayor.

The subpoena shocked people across America as it violated the pastors’ First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Religion.

Many believed the city was trying to intimidate those who opposed a bill the city passed this past May that allowed men and women to use washroom facilities and showers of the opposite sex. If a biological male identified himself as female, he would under the law be allowed to use female facilities. (more…)

Healings are not about how spiritual I am, but rather on how willing I am to be used by God

Jesus heals the man at the pool of Bethesda by Palma Giovane (1548-1628): Wikipedia

Jesus heals the man at the pool of Bethesda by Palma Giovane (1548-1628): Wikipedia

[by Ken Zerbin] Sometimes our journey of faith meets some real challenges when we try to measure our faith.  I would like to encourage fellow believers to keep trusting the Lord and His Word, no matter how strong or weak we might feel our faith is.  Remember…it is Who we are putting our trust in that is important…it’s not about the “quality” of our trust.

Several summers ago I was at one of my lowest spiritual points of my life.  We had gathered a number of our paid and volunteer staff from the church for a training event.  The instructor did a great job, but as the day’s training progressed, I couldn’t help but notice two things about him.  He made several comments about being in a church doing this kind of training.  His comments seemed to be a cry for spiritual attention. (more…)

English government demands Christian school allow Muslim Imam to speak at school

Image Birmingham, England where the troubles all started: Photo neilalderney123m| Foter | CC-BY-NC

Birmingham, England — where it’s alleged Muslim extremists tried to infiltrate public schools: Photo neilalderney123| Foter | CC-BY-NC

[by Dean Smith] It amazes me how intolerant secularists become when they speak of tolerance.

In June 2014, the English government increased the reach of the UK Office of Standards in Education, Children Services and Skills (Ofsted) enabling it to enforce supposed “British values” in the school system.

An article in The Telegraph gave Christians a first-hand look of how this will work.  Ofsted regulators recently visited a small independent Christian school in Home Counties which was described in Ofsted’s report as a “successful Christian school.” (more…)

III. Honey, I shrunk the universe?

Spiral Galaxy, Hubble Telescope: NASA

How easy is it to destroy the universe? Image: Spiral Galaxy, Hubble Telescope: NASA

[by Earl Blacklock] In two earlier articles, I discussed how the “science only” crowd was forced into irrational assumptions by their conviction that there is no God, no Creator. I equated their irrationality to the mental patient who believed the world rested on the back of a giant turtle, with that turtle resting on a large turtle, and so on, the result being “turtles all the way down”.

I was, of course, referring to the assumption from those who would say that science can be pursued to the exclusion of faith – that all of life, all of the universe, came out of nothing without any involvement from an omnipotent God.

I’m sure the vast majority of scientists would smile, bemused, at the comparison. It is, after all, only Christians whose faith causes them to be irrational – isn’t it? Surely science is based, as Dragnet of old, on “just the facts”?

Well, there’s a new theory on the nature of the universe, and it’s one that is so ludicrous that other scientists are having trouble taking it seriously. (more…)

Did Satan tell man to crash his car into the Ten Commandments?

Satan told man to smash Ten Commandment monument on the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds: Image YouTube capture KJRH TV

Satan told man to smash Ten Commandment monument on the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds: Image YouTube capture KJRH TV

[by Dean Smith] On the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol there is a stone monument with the Ten Commandments carved into them, or at least there was.

According to KFOR TV, on Friday morning, October 24, 2014, a man walked into a Federal building in downtown Oklahoma uttering threats against the US President Barack Obama and the Federal government.

After the Secret Service arrested the man, a bizarre story unfolded. The man said he had crashed his car into the Ten Commandments monument the night before, smashing it, because Satan made him do it. He then said after the crash, Satan told the man to urinate on the monument, which he did. (more…)

Pakistani woman sentenced to hanging for blasphemy

The Pakistan Supreme Court is Asia Bibi's final hope for justice: Image wannishahrukh | Wikipedia

The Pakistan Supreme Court is Asia Bibi’s final appeal for justice, on a human level: Image wannishahrukh | Wikipedia

[by Dean Smith] While in the U.S., Houston City Council has subpoenaed the speeches, notes, emails and even texts of five pastors concerning any discussions they had on homosexuality, gender identity and the city’s openly gay mayor Annise Parker with threats of imprisonment or fines if they don’t comply, on the other side of the world a woman is fighting for her life for much the same reason — the freedom to be a Christian and believe in the Bible.

It is only the severity of the punishment that is different.

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, 46, languishes in jail, after a Pakistani court sentenced her to hanging for blaspheming Muhammad. She recently lost an appeal to have this death sentence over turned. The reality is, the extremist state is punishing Asia because she would not recant her Christian faith and become a Muslim. (more…)

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