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Paga: The intercessor claims territory for God

A look at the different meanings of the Hebrew word 'Paga' which is translated intercessor.

Chik-Fil-A, Gay Marriage, and Trolls

Chick-fil-A in the morning. Photo: Mark Turauckas/Foter/CC BY

Chick-fil-A in the morning. Photo: Mark Turauckas/Foter/CC BY

[by Sandy McIntosh] The people who manage Chik-Fil-A, an American fast food chain have been severely criticized for their opinions about traditional male-female marriage. Because of their beliefs, they do not support the institution of Gay marriage, and they have expressed their opinions publicly.

Their stance is pro marriage, but they are commonly described negatively, as Gay haters (watch this YouTube clip).

Be warned, the video clip includes statements that you may find disturbing, like “They focus on hating other people, just like Jesus.”

Many comments on the video article are negative: (more…)

Catholic university supports setting up campus club wanting to help ISIS

James O’Keefe runs Project Veritas. Using video, his group goes undercover to record and expose corruption and questionable activities among the political élite of America.

In their most recent video, they showed officials at Barry University, a Catholic school, essentially supporting the setting up of a pro-ISIS club on campus.

ISIS is the Middle East terrorist group brutalizing Iraq and Syria. We recently posted a story of the organization beheading 21 people in Libya because they were Christians. Media also seems to release daily reports on horrific atrocities being committed by ISIS. (more…)

Christian Heroes II — William Wilberforce

William Wilbourforce, age 29, by John Rising (1753-1817): Wiki[pedia

William Wilberforce, age 29, by John Rising (1753-1817): Wiki[pedia

[by Earl Blacklock] The slave trade was a lucrative part of the British economy. British ships moved slaves from Africa to the West Indies to be bought and sold, then brought sugar and other goods produced with that labor back to Britain.

William Wilberforce was a young man, born to privilege, who was a close personal friend of Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger. In 1780, while still a 21 year old student at Cambridge, he was elected the Member of Parliament for Kingston upon Hull, sitting as an independent.

At 25, he was elected the Member of Parliament for Yorkshire. Shortly after, partly due to the influence of his aunt, he went through a conversion experience, becoming an ardent Christian. He fought for social reforms such as the improvement of British factory conditions, and against  child labor and animal cruelty. (more…)

Yet another flood account uncovered — and they entered an ark two by two

Rendering of Noah's ark Creation museum. Photo: Elmada/Foter/CC BY-NC_SA

Model of Noah’s ark Creation museum. Photo: Elmada/Foter/CC BY-NC_SA

[by Dean Smith] Irvin Finkel works at the British Museum based in London. He is also an expert on the ancient scripts used by the Babylonians, Sumerians and Assyrians.

While exploring the cuneiform texts of the Ancient Sumerians, he came across one that describes a great flood. In some significant ways it is very similar to the Biblical flood account, but in other ways different.

The account holds to the same basic theme. God destroyed the world with a massive flood, but a handful of humans and a representative of all the animals were saved by an ark that rode out the flood. According to the Finkel the text is old dating to about 1750 BC. (more…)

Why all this hatred for the Jews?

As Jewish worshipers were ending their sabbath early Sunday morning, March 22, 2015, an angry mob of 20 people attacked the synagogue. Nothing new here, as extremists have launched attacks against Jews for decades.

But what is different is the location. The Ahavas Torah synagogue is found in London, England.

Shortly after 1 am Sunday morning, a drunken group stormed the synagogue screaming “kill the Jews.” Inside the Jews struggled to hold them back, some picking up chairs to defend themselves.  A couple of Jews were hurt, windows smashed and the synagogue vandalized. (more…)

English judge fines man for citing the wrong chapter in the Bible

Main square in Tauton, Sommerset, England. Photo: Wikipedia/Arpingstore

Main square in Taunton, Somerset, England. Photo: Wikipedia/Arpingstore

An English judge has penalized Michael Overd $2,100 for citing certain portions of the Bible in public. This included a $300 fine and paying $1,800 in compensation for causing “emotional pain.”

Last summer, Overd, a former British paratrooper, was street preaching in Taunton in the county of Somerset, England with a loudspeaker when spoke of Leviticus 20. The chapter speaks of the death penalty for homosexuality (verse 13). Though he referenced the chapter, Overd, who has been a street preacher for five years, claims he never spoke about the death penalty. (more…)

Who has the most worthwhile job? Believe it or not, survey says stay-at-home moms

Moms are important, despite what society thinks.

Moms are important, despite what society thinks.

[by Dean Smith] Years ago, I attended a political meeting, when a young stay-at-home mom nervously approached a mike in an open session to address the several politicians, including the party leader, sitting at the front.

She expressed her desire to be at home looking after her young children. She believed it was an important job, but government policies including higher taxation rates were making it increasingly difficult for her family to do this.

It seemed everyone, in this largely conservative gathering, applauded her statement. Well, everyone I guess, except one. (more…)

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