JESUS, the Master Winemaker

Photo Flickr / Thomas Totz

Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” Photo Flickr / Thomas Totz

[Guest post by Myrna Petersen] In recent weeks, I’ve been stirred to do a word study on the making of new wine and the wine of the wrath of God as portrayed throughout the Holy Bible. Since the word ‘wine’ is used more than 200 times in scripture, no doubt it was a subject important to the Biblical Patriarchs.

In some religious circles there is much discussion if wine in Biblical days was fermented or just ordinary grape juice. Surely we are instructed not to become intoxicated with strong drink but with the many other teaching resources available on this subject, it is not the author’s intent to discuss whether or not it is appropriate for a Christian to drink wine. This article will focus on the spiritual aspect of ‘new wine’ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. (more…)

What was on those parchments?

A 1,500+ year old Gospel fragment -- Image: George Redgrave | Flickr

A 1,500+ year old Gospel fragment — Image: George Redgrave | Flickr

In 2 Timothy, the Apostle Paul, imprisoned in Rome, made a strange, but some believe a very significant request of Timothy.

He asked the young pastor to bring Paul’s cloak, books and parchments when Timothy visited Paul in Rome.

When you come bring the cloak which I left at Troas with Carpus, and the books, especially the parchments. (2 Timothy 4:13 NASV)


Sir Arthur Pearson, GBE

Blinded World War I soldiers learning mat weaving at St. Dunistans started by Aurthur Perason.

Blinded World War I soldiers learning mat-weaving at St. Dunistans Home started by Aurthur Pearson.

Arthur Pearson was a man of accomplishment, but also a man of service despite a lifelong problem of fading eyesight and eventual blindness. He was born in 1866 to a father who was the Rector of a centuries-old Church of England parish church and a mother who was the granddaughter of hymn-writer and religious poet Henry Francis Lyte, the writer of the well-loved hymn “Abide With Me”.

Pearson became a journalist at 18, and the publisher of a periodical journal with a quarter of a million subscribers at 24. He continued to establish and acquire newspapers and magazines, and his greatest accomplishment as a publisher was the founding of the Daily Express newspaper, which is still operating. (more…)

Sexually explicit statue of Satan set up in Vancouver, BC

This 8' statue of Satan was briefly installed in a Vancouver Park: Image Murray Castonguay/Twitter

This 8′ statue of Satan was briefly installed in a Vancouver Park: Image Murray Castonguay/Twitter

On Tuesday, September 9, 2014, commuters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada were stunned to see a giant statue of Satan on display in Vancouver’s Guelph Park. The park borders a major TransLink boarding area and those riding the sky train had a clear view.

The red statute, estimated at 8′ tall, was placed on a pedestal that originally held a statue of Christopher Columbus. The pedestal was empty as the city had moved the Columbus statue to a new location.

What was equally disturbing about the statute is the strong sexual inference, as it displayed Satan with a full erection. The statue also has one hand displayed in what some consider a Satanic gesture. (more…)

New study shows the addicting power of marijuana

Sign at 2014 Vancouver rally calling for legalization of marijuana. Unfortunately, studies are revealing the very serious damage cannabis usage can cause to the brains of teens. Photo: Flickr | Cannabis Culture

Sign at 2014 Vancouver, Canada rally calling for legalization of marijuana. This sign’s message flies in the face of of numerous studies revealing the very serious damage cannabis usage can cause the brains of teens. Photo: Flickr | Cannabis Culture | Creative Commons

Marijuana is one of the most used drugs in the world. Nearly 80 million Europeans have used the drug and in the US, marijuana usage has been steadily increasing since 2007. Many blame its growing popularity on activists promoting marijuana as a safe drug.

This message has been reinforced by two states, Washington and Colorado, that have legalized the drug for recreational use.

But a recent study by the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) shows that significant number of Marijuana users are actually addicted to the drug — meaning they are dependent on the drug. (more…)

Why your ways are not God’s ways

Choosing your path or God's path. Image Vainsang | Foter | cc-by-nc-nd

Choosing your path or God’s path. Image Vainsang | Foter | cc-by-nc-nd

In Isaiah 55:8, God says that His ways are not man’s way and He explains in the next verse that His ways are higher than man’s. In this second verse, God is referring to His long-term goals and plans that man —  with His finite mind — is incapable of understanding.

God is always peering into next week and next year, and is desiring to coordinate our steps in the present to fulfill longer-term goals.

Proverb 14:12 has a similar theme:”There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.”

Situations come up in our lives that in the short-term seem the right thing to do. In fact, they could be down-right beneficial. But this decision heads us down a certain path and God says that the “end” or long-term result of this decision — which could be months or even years away — is death or destruction. (more…)

A miracle: The surgeon found nothing to remove and admits “prayer is good”

God heale Image: Phalinn | Foter | Creative Commons

After seeing the healing first-hand, surgeon says “prayer is good.”  Image: Phalinn | Foter | Creative Commons

I want to share the healing of Adrie-Anne Gamble out of Regina, Canada. It is well-documented with ultrasounds.

Adrie-Anne had been experiencing lower pelvic pain for several months and finally realized she needed to go to the doctor. Three months later she was in the hospital for surgery, but when the surgeon opened her up, he discovered a miracle had taken place… (more…)

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