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Paga: The intercessor claims territory for God

A look at the different meanings of the Hebrew word 'Paga' which is translated intercessor.

Bad Elephant

Photo Janwillemsen | Flickr

The key is how you communicate.  Photo Janwillemsen | Flickr

[By Earl Blacklock] Out of all the animals in the three-ring circus, none are as beloved as the circus elephant. The sight of the awesome beast, tenderly carrying a flower of a girl on its back, is usually the highlight of a circus performance.

Bozo was a master of the circus ring, beloved by families and performers alike. Then its behaviour changed. It became enraged at the slightest provocation, and even went after its keeper with murderous intent. It was clear Bozo was dangerous, and the decision was made to kill it.

But this was the circus, in a time different from our own. The manager decided that if the animal had to be killed, it might as well make the circus some additional revenue, so he sold tickets to the execution. (more…)

So You Hate Your Job, Chapter One: Just Quit

Some jobs...

Some jobs…

[by Sandy McIntosh] Christian, there are two ways to quit your job. Choose one.

Jesus told about persecution “When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another.” (Matthew 10:23) I believe when a workplace becomes dysfunctional and stressful, you need to move. God doesn’t call most of us to live in a toxic mess.

And if you can’t quit, just quit. With financial and family commitments, maybe we can’t just move on and maybe the situation is not totally toxic. The Bible, in Ephesians chapter six gives instructions to slaves, who could not move: “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.” (Ephesians 6:7).

Quit that boss, in your heart, and start working for God. The boss will probably thank you.

We have more freedom than we know. (more…)

Study shows teens using marijuana regularly 60% less likely to finish school

Why are governments rushing to legalize marijuana when it has a devastating impact on teens?

Why are governments rushing to legalize marijuana when it has such a devastating impact on teens?

[by Dean Smith] Researchers from Australia’s University of South Wales have concluded if a person starts smoking marijuana before age 17, they are 60% less likely to finish college than their counterparts who do not use the drug. They were also more likely to drop out of high school.

While activists try to paint Cannabis as a safe drug to have it legalized, study, after study, after study, and after study are showing that marijuana is anything but safe.

The results of Australian study published in The Lancet Psychiatry showed similar dangerous results. Compared to non users, teens who used Cannabis regularly were: (more…)

Update on Houston City Council subpoenas of sermons of five city pastors

[by Dean Smith] According to Foxnews commentator Todd Starnes, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot sent a strongly worded letter to the Houston City Attorney David Feldman, telling the city to stop its persecution of five Houston pastors and to withdraw the city’s subpoenas of these church leaders.

The Houston attorney’s office subpoenaed the pastors’ sermons, notes and any correspondence (texts and emails included) sent to members of their congregation on issues of homosexuality, gender identity and Mayor Annise Parker — Houston’s openly lesbian mayor.

In his letter, Abbot described the city’s actions as “aggressive and invasive.” He added the city disregarded “the very serious First Amendment considerations at stake.” (more…)

Is the City of Houston trying to bully and intimidate pastors into silence?

A dark day for Christians in Houston, Texas Photo: Houston City Hall digital-dreams | Foter | CC BY-NC-SA

Dark days for Christians in Houston, Texas  Photo Houston City Hall: digital-dreams | Foter | CC BY-NC-SA

[by Dean Smith] We expect this type of behavior in China or Iran, but to have it happen in the U.S. is beyond comprehension. Foxnews commentator Todd Starnes recently exposed the abuse of Christians taking place in America.

The City of Houston has gone to court demanding several pastors turn over all sermons, notes and any communications to church members related to issues regarding gender identity, homosexuality and city mayor Annise Parker. If the pastors do not obey this order, they could be held in contempt and jailed or fined.

Parker is Houston’s first openly lesbian mayor.

The city’s demand stems back to a law it passed in June called the “bathroom bill” which would allow men or women to use bathroom and shower facilities of the opposite sex. The law would allow trans-gender people to use public facilities of their choice. (more…)

Israel receives a downgrade, ISIS says Christians are now its number one enemy

The Vatican's St. Peter's Square with insert image of Dabiq magazine. Main image Storm Crypt | Foter | CC by-NC-ND

The Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square with insert image of the cover of Dabiq magazine. Background Image: Storm Crypt | Foter | CC by-NC-ND

[by Dean Smith] Arutz Sheva — an Israeli news site — reports the Islamic State (which go by a variety of acronyms IS, ISIS, ISIL) has just declared Christians as its number one enemy.

This news was broadcast loudly on the most recent cover of the organization’s propaganda magazine called Dabiq.

In its fourth edition, the cover of the English version featured a photo-shopped picture of the Black ISIS flag on top of the Egyptian obelisk in the Vatican’s St Peter’s square. The magazine — titled “The Failed Crusade” — compared the West’s efforts to stop IS to the Roman Catholic crusades. (more…)

The greatest horror show of all time and why it happened?

Image thewebprincess | foter | CC-by-ND

My nomination for the greatest horror show of all time may surprise you. Image thewebprincess | Foter | CC-by-ND

[by Dean Smith] What is the greatest horror show of all time? I am sure a number could be thrown out. For the record I hate horror shows, but while attending Bible School I ended up going to the movie Alien. I remember my friend and I almost running back to the car after watching it, we were so terrified.

On Halloween evening in 1938, a CBS radio station in New York City broadcast a script of Orson Wells’ book War of the Worlds. During the first two-thirds of the broadcast, it was treated as an actual news cast. People were so caught up by the story that portrayed an invasion of New York City by Martians that many actually fled their homes in fear. CBS was bombarded by calls about the invasion.

Surely these would be considered contenders, but still they are not terrifying enough to top my list. (more…)

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