Paga: The intercessor claims territory for God

A look at the different meanings of the Hebrew word 'Paga' which is translated intercessor.

As in the days of Noah: Is history repeating itself with gene manipulation in humans?

Gene tampering as in the days of Noah?

Gene tampering as in the days of Noah?

[by Dean Smith] On April 18, 2015, scientists from Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangdong, China publicly announced in the online journal Protein and Cell, they had edited the genes in a non-viable human embryo using a gene editing technique called CRIS PR-Cas9. This procedure enables them to remove genes, splice new ones in and basically recode any gene strand they want.

They apparently modified a gene in a number of embryos thought to cause disease. It is less than exacting because of the 28 embryos they tampered with only seven attempts were successful.

This is the first time that scientists have openly admitted to modifying human genes is an effort to create “designer” humans, even though in this instance the embryos did not survive, or so they said. (more…)

A woman’s perspective: “No, I am not sorry”

[by Barb Smith] Not long ago,  I was conversing  with a co-worker.  I was telling her about  a YouTube video I had  seen recently.  It portrayed how often women say  “sorry” in a day.  She looked at  me and said, “you say sorry a lot”.

I started paying attention to how often I said “sorry”.

I remember looking for a particular item at work. I asked a co-worker where it was. As usual, I began my request  with “sorry.”   I didn’t know where it was, and she did.  No apology was necessary. (more…)

Is the world entering a mini-ice age?

The Little Ice Age peaked in Europe between 1645 and 1715. Above painting by Dutch artist Hedrick Avercamp (1585-1643) reveals the impact of the cooling.

The Little Ice Age peaked between 1645 and 1715. Above painting by Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp (1585-1643) was already revealing the impact of the cooling.

[by Dean Smith] In a bit of surprising move, England’s MET Office admits there is a possibility the world could be entering a mini-ice age — at this point they only believe there is 15% to 20% chance this will happen. The MET Office is Britain’s government-run national weather service.

The report written by the MET and researchers from the University of Colorado and several universities in England say this prediction is based on a noticeable reduction in sun spots which indicates reduced solar activity. A prolonged reduction, called a “Maunder Minimum,” can result in significant cooling on the earth.

It was named after astronomer Walter Maunder who was the first person to peg the cooling that peaked between 1645 to 1715 with reduced sun spot activity. (more…)

The Christian Magna Carta?

King John signing the Magna Cara by James Dolye (1864]

King John signing the Magna Cara by James Dolye (1864]

[by Dean Smith] This year marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of the English Magna Carta heralded as one of the key foundation stones of the modern liberties we enjoy in the Western world. The original charter drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, and signed by the unpopular King John on June 15, 1215 sought to bring peace between the monarch and a group of barons.

England was on the verge of a civil war and the Charter was essentially a peace treaty.

Referred to as The Great Charter or The Great Charter of Liberties, historians consider it the major turning point in medieval history that reduced the absolute power of the king eventually paving the way for democracy. (more…)

Did a prophetic word about his future fame play a role in Chris Pratt becoming a Christian?

Chris Pratt Photo: Gage Skidmore/Foter/CC BY-SA

Jesus had a word for Chris Pratt. Photo: Gage Skidmore/Foter/CC BY-SA

[by Dean Smith] You may be familiar with Chris Pratt. He is a Hollywood actor who most recently starred in Jurassic World. Released in June 2015, Jurassic World is a blockbuster setting a global record of US$511.9 million in ticket sales on its opening weekend. In the movie, Chris plays Owen Grady — a Velociraptor (a mid-sized raptor) trainer and expert.

According to Variety magazine, Pratt earned $1.2 billion in 2014 making him the highest paid actor that year. He earned his big payday starring in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie.

But Pratt is also a Christian and his faith comes out in an interview with QPolitical where Pratt shares his struggles with the premature birth of his son, Jack, born in August 2012.  Pratt said that he and his wife Anna Ferris prayed for weeks for their son born nine weeks premature and weighing only 3 pounds. (more…)

The Heroism of Captain Carlson

Photo of sinking Flying Enterprise taken from USNS General A.W. Greely on December 29, 1952

Photo of sinking Flying Enterprise (top left) taken from USNS General A.W. Greely on December 29, 1951

[by Earl Blacklock] Perhaps the first news event to capture the rapt attention of a world-wide audience was the sinking of the freighter Flying Enterprise. In December 1951, the ship left England for New York carrying 10 immigrants and a mixed cargo, including Volkswagens and pig iron.

On Christmas Day, rough seas and gale force winds caused the cars and pig iron to shift, and the ship began to list to port. By the following morning, a crack had appeared in the hull and, despite valiant efforts by the crew, it was clear the ship was in trouble. On December 28, an SOS was issued, and the crew and passengers were ordered to abandon ship. They were forced to jump into the sea, where all but one were rescued.

Meanwhile, the Danish ship captain, Henrik Kurt Carlsen, stayed behind to assist in salvage efforts.  More than 400 newspaper and radio reporters from 12 countries rushed to cover the story. It was, indeed, a compelling one – a single man alone on a ship with a list so great, it was impossible to stand on any deck.  The only ocean-going tug capable of towing the ship was days away. (more…)

She said “You are just saying to people, please love me”

Breaking free from your past.

Breaking free from your past.

[by Barb Smith] A few years ago, I reached a point of desperation. Personal, unresolved issues were eroding my mental, physical and emotional well-being.

With rejection issues stemming from 15 years ago still rumbling around inside, I needed guidance to focus and make choices to put me on the path to wholeness.

I was told to to attend a Choices seminar. Built on Biblical principles, Choices helps you identify your hurts and provides you the tools to break free from the past and move forward.  I could go and receive the help and support I needed to work through my issues.  (more…)

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