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Paga: The intercessor claims territory for God

A look at the different meanings of the Hebrew word 'Paga' which is translated intercessor.

Was a dire warning on a pottery shard a Biblical confirmation?

The remains of the ancient city of Lachish Wikipedia: wilson44691

The remains of the ancient city of Lachish Wikipedia: wilson44691

[by Dean Smith] An article in Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, reports on work by researchers from Tel Aviv University transcribing messages written on shards of pottery. The shards are believed to be 2,500 years old.

They found an ominous message written on one piece of broken pottery from the ancient city of Lachish that confirms the book of Jeremiah.

God called the prophet/priest Jeremiah to warn Judah of its impending fall to the massive Babylonian army if the Jews under King Jehoiakim did not repent and turn back to God. Jerusalem fell to Babylon, but wasn’t destroyed and instead Judah was forced to pay tribute to the Babylonian empire. (more…)

Marijuana’s mind games

Marijuana cafe in Holland photo:cristiano gatti/Flickr

Cannabis cafe in Holland Photo:cristiano gatti/Flickr

[by Dean Smith] Dutch University Professor Olivier Marie and Ulf Zolitz of IZA recently released a study on the impact of marijuana usage at Holland’s Maastricht University. They discovered that students with easy access to marijuana had lower grades than those that didn’t.

Holland legalized marijuana in 1976. Since people are only allowed to possess small quantities of the drug, this led to the rise of Cannabis cafes, where people could buy and partake. Holland has a 5 ounce possession limit compared to Colorado which allows over five times that amount.

In 2011, Maastricht University introduced a curious law on campus where it only allowed Dutch, Belgian and German nationals to buy cannabis at the campus’ 13 cafes that sell the drug. It put the provision in place due to growing concerns about drug tourism. (more…)

Did a New York judge just grant chimps human status?

A new species of humans discovered at the zoo? Photo: Chester Zoo/Fote/CC BY-ND

Have chimps in zoos been kidnapped? Photo: Chester Zoo/Fote/CC BY-ND

[by Dean Smith] An American judge has recently given two chimpanzees the same rights as humans.

The two chimps are part of a research lab in Stony Brook University in New York state. The Nonhuman Rights Project (NRP) took the lab to court in challenging its detention of the two primates.

On April 20, 2015, New York Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe issued a writ of habeaus corpus demanding representatives of the lab come before her court and answer the accusation the chimps are “unlawfully detained.” The hearing is tentatively booked for May 6, 2015. This is the first time any animal has received such a ruling. (more…)

A generous peace

Japan Photo: mino2066/Foter/CC BY-NC-ND

Modern Japan Photo: mino2066/Foter/CC BY-NC-ND

[by Earl Blacklock] Japan will long be remembered as the perpetrator of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, followed by years of astonishing cruelty against those it conquered. This made them beyond redemption in the minds of most Americans. An associate of Dulles once called the behavior of the Japanese during the war “unforgiveable”. Dulles’ response? “Christ teaches us that nothing is unforgivable.”

John Foster Dulles was born into a devout Christian home, a pastor’s family, in 1888. His grandfather, John Foster, was part of the team that negotiated an end to the Sino-Japanese war in 1895, and served as Secretary of State. His parents wanted him to follow his father into ministry, but his grandfather had other ideas. (more…)

Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

Needing to look our best. Photo: Arbyreed/Foter/CC BY-NC

Needing to look our best. Photo: Arbyreed/Foter/CC BY-NC

[by Sandy McIntosh] I train truck drivers. Commercial driver training is part of my repertoire, and I warn them about the province of British Columbia, where the highways are surveyed by CCTV cameras. Offenders are tracked from central governments and are easily caught, even on remote highways. Truckers call BC the province of “bring cash.” It’s the new reality.

I also do safety and first aid training, and I warn everyone to be modest and discreet. Most people carry a phone with a camera, for still shots or videos. Drivers should avoid all rude gestures, especially near a company logo. Internet videos never die.

Britt McHenry is a pretty blonde woman who is also a sports news anchor for ESPN. She showed the world recently that her potty mouth is not so pretty. Her car had been towed and she had to pay to get it back from the impound. No one enjoys that experience, but it’s good to remember that towing companies have security cameras. (more…)

No infrared, no proof, but still most atheists believe in aliens

No life here. Attennae Galaxies taken from NASA's Hubble space craft Photo: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center/Foter/CC BY-NC

No alien civilizations here. Attennae Galaxies taken from NASA’s Hubble space craft Photo: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center/Foter/CC BY-NC

[by Dean Smith] It is a strange irony. While on one hand atheists claim they can’t believe in God because there is no scientific evidence to prove His existence, yet polls show the majority of atheists believe in aliens even though there is no scientific evidence to prove their existence. Oh sure, there are YouTube videos of people claiming aliens abducted them for experimentation, but that is hardly evidence.

In fact, in a documentary produced by the Discovery Channel, famed atheist and physicist Stephen Hawking expressed concern about an advanced alien society plundering earth’s resources along the Hollywood theme of War of the Worlds or Independence Day.

Well, Hawking and other like-minded atheists needn’t worry, Penn State just released its analysis of 100,000 galaxies probed by NASA’s Wise space observatory. They were looking for evidence of advanced alien civilizations and found none. (more…)

After the hospital declared his son brain dead, the dad visited the hospital with a gun, and then a miracle happened

[by Dean Smith] George Pickering, 59, was desperate. His adult son George Jr, 27, was lying in a coma at the Tomball Medical Regional Center in Tomball, Texas. He had suffered a series of strokes and the doctors told George his son was brain-dead and they were planning to take him off life support.

Pickering, who is remarried, did not have medical power of attorney in the situation. And oh yeah, the hospital was interested in harvesting his son’s organs.

But desperate people do desperate things.

On January 10, 2015, with gun in hand George walked into the intensive care ward where his son was under care and ordered the medical staff out of the room. In an interview with The Blaze, Pickering said he had a very simple plan, he and his son were going to die together. (more…)

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